Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is the best time to have sex as per Islam?

The most suitable time of having sexual intercourse is to do it after food is completely digested. One should keep in mind that one should get it when he physically moderate , and it is neither hot cold nor dry and his stomach. neither full nor empty. However coiting empty stomach is more injurious than full stomach; and having sexual intercourse when physically hot is less injurious than with cold body. One should indulge in sexual organ is perfecty erected without any thought of copulatin or seeing a women in as attractive manner. Thus it is not proper to try have sexual intercourse without any strong desire.
Moreover , it is improper rather unhealthy practice to have age with whom they do not have it generally and habitually. Similarly, one should not copulate with a sick woman or a woman who is ugly or hateful to look at.Such a practice rendors one physically weak.
Copualting with a virgin has amazingly good effect on sexual and marital life. In such case the female partner falls deeply love with her husband and her loving behaviour, sexual approach and strong urge fill the family life with utmost peace and joy. Thus mutal love and attraction keep their relation warn and smooth. Such a warm relation is not possible with a women who had already been married. It is only because of this of this that The Prophet of Allah( peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) had asked Hadrat Jabir ( may Allah be pleased with him) why he did not Marry virgin.
And this is the reason that the Hurs of Paradise would be virgin without being touched by anyone before their being given to believers for thier sexual satisfaction. Hadrat Ayesha ( May Allah be pleased with her) once asked the Prophet of Allah ( peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)
'' In case you pass by the tree that had been grazed by a camel and again by a tree which was still untouched, which tree would you prefer for your camel to graze?''
'' The tree which was not tasted by any camel'' the Prophet ( p.b.u.h) replied.

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